• Published August 12th, 2014
  •   by: Jim Goldbloom
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Comic genius and legend. A wit and intellect at the speed of light. The King of improv. A grammy winner, a wonderful broadway stage performer. An Academy award winner and 4 time nominee. An interviewer's worst nightmare but also a treasured experience enduring the mania that always ensued. A man who rode his bike around his small community just north of the Golden Gate Bridge who always stopped to greet fans and talk with them, not to them. A great philanthropist and humanitarian. A man who wore his emotions on his sleeves, open about his 20+ year battles with alcohol and depression, the latter of which took this iconic figure from us all. Robin Williams was a true one of a kind self made man who mastered almost all media possible, entertained generations, and changed the world in a way only icons can. This man was special, it was a tremendous shock hearing of his death, and I am not alone in saying that. And, in the end, a mortal man who fell victim to a disease that affects 20M Americans and can be treatable. He died too young, even at 63 which to some LL gen-x users seems ancient. It's not. When I heard, I shed a tear, and that's rare - I don't know the man personally, but I realized how much of an influence he was in his over 40 years in the business across numerous generations. And this fall and next year, 4 of his films will be released so he was working until the end.

RIP, Mr. Williams. I hope you are free of your pain, wherever you are right now.

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