• Published December 18th, 2012
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Absolutely our legislature needs to renew the ban on production of semi-automatic weapons of war such as a the Bushmaster, a civilian version of the M4 in this case with a 30 round clip. I have no issue with gun ownership in generally including licensed collectors of this type trading what's in circulation with other collectors. So long as they're both vetted and register with and pay the ATF tax accordingly, around $400.00. But halt all new production, period.

In addition, the vetting process for all weapons should include a mandatory mental illness background check, which is to say if any medication and/or official diagnosis from a medical professional is associated with the applicant. There is no break of patient/doctor confidentiality just in the same way vision is vetted for driver's licenses. It's a matter of driver and public safety, the same is here. Just as driving a car is not a right, but a privilege if wholly qualified. So make a law to force states to update their computer vetting system for gun applications to include the necessary medical, or do so federally if required. A modern secure government web site at the ATF should be developed to do the grunt work and data capture for weapons of this ilk.

Those or the two things our legislature needs to address, inviting the NRA and other parties to the table to discuss openly and without bias for the goal of protecting our children. Please note I have stated nothing but facts thus far, but detaching emotion entirely from any debate is impossible. I have a certain anger and renewed motivation to speak out as I am doing now following the death of 20 children by an assault weapon that allowed a man to pump between 2 and 11 rounds in each child's body in only a few minutes, not even including the 6 other adults and 2 injured.

I'm not saying this massacre could have been prevented. The reason you create new law is not reactionary in cases like this and patisan politics plays no role. This is all about making it as tough as possible, closing some noteworthy loopholes, and sending a message to all of us and the world at large what kind of society we wish to live in.

Federal law uses "assault weapon" in the actual legislative paperwork, i.e. the ban which occurred 1994-2004. They used this to define rifles with certain feature attributes. One of them is a semi-automatic capability, another is a high capacity magazine such as a 30 round clip. These combinations define the way the law is written and to be understood. Complain all you want about the inaccuracy of the legalese, the fact a handgun can pump out as many rounds in 10 minutes as the Bushmaster. Even I don't doubt that, nor am I concerned with fully automatic weapons which already are subject to present laws.

I ask readers out there who do not support a ban to FOCUS on what the issue really is following the school shooting of recent --- 20 of the 26 victims were children who each suffered between 2 and 11 rounds within just a few minutes. This was an "assault" by any definition, if you follow me meaning on this. A completely unfair massacre of 6 and 7 year olds due to the combination of weapon and magazine, by whatever technical definition you want.

What Obama wants, and most moderates agree inside the fringes on both sides, is a simple sit down to define a contemporary and fair legislative bill to rectify the flawed ban which expired in 2004, and to also consider in the mix mental health vetting as part of the application process. One of the main focuses of conversation might be on the 30 round clip, in my opinion.

None of this has to do with banning all guns or rifles. None of this stymies your right to protect yourself from others including the government. None of this prevents you from hunting or target practice, gun clubs, trading or collecting.

The NRA needs to recognize many Americans have had enough with victims being slaughtered in the manner such weapons are able to with minimal skills by the shooter and sold through mass consumer outlets like Walmart including the high yield magazines. When 20 kids got cut down in this specific way from that kind of gun, many of us realized this is crazy world lunacy, and maybe a complete breakdown of basic, moral common sense.

THIS is the what we should be discussing and the should be the focus of your attention.

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